Aftermarket C110 Crusher Jaw Plates By Hunan JY Casting

C110 jaw crusher is a popular jaw crusher in the world. When it comes to C110 crusher jaw plates, Hunan JY Casting has focused on casting manganese liners for over 30 years. Except for the standard material, we also supply other materials based on the customer’s working conditions.

Hunan JY Casting supplies the following material for C110 jaw plates:

  • Manganese steel, which includes Mn14, Mn18, and Mn22
  • TIC inserts+manganese steel
  • Modified manganese steel

Hunan JY Casting has the following patterns for C110 jaw plates:

Part Number Description Weight
JY-901528 CHEEK PLT LOW C110 150.370
JY-901531 CHEEK PLATE, UPPER C110 101.370
JY-814329539700 JAW, FIXED QUARRY 2P 960.000
JY-814329539800 JAW MVBL QUARRY 2P 920.000
JY-814390435100 JAW, FIXED STANDARD 2P 950.000
JY-814390435200 JAW MVBL STANDARD 2P 865.000
JY-814391312500 JAW, FIXED QUARRY +25 1P 2,193.210
JY-MM0224994 JAW, FIXED STANDARD 1P 1,703.130
JY-MM0224995 JAW MVBL SUPER GRIP 1P 1,581.790
JY-N11918208 JAW MVBL QUARRY 1P 1,866.430

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Hunan JY Casting is a dynamically growing company with many years of experience in the production and supply of Crusher wear parts, shredder wear parts, mill liners, apron feeder pans, and other manganese or alloy steel wear parts. We supply wear parts to USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Africa, etc

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