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Premium Aftermarket CS660 Cone Crusher Liners

CS660 (which is also called S6800) cone crusher is a popular cone crusher in the world. Sandvik CS660 cone crusher has a hydraulically supported main shaft that is supported at both ends. It also has a robust crusher design, adjustable eccentric throw, and a constant intake opening. This crusher is suitable for a high-capacity secondary crushing application.

When it comes to CS660 cone crusher liners (concaves and mantles), Hunan JY Casting has focused on manufacturing those wear liners for mining, quarrying, and cement industry customers. No matter which material (Mn14, Mn18, Mn22, or other materials), or which cavities (extra coarse, medium coarse, mantle A or mantle B), Hunan JY Casting is your first choice!

Hunan JY Casting engineers have been deeply involved in designing cone crushers from top to bottom. Our CS660 Cone Crusher Mantles and Bowl liners have been proven to perform better in the field, more so than the originals. Our engineered liner review and wear analysis focuses on increasing life and production with custom-designed liners. Our relationship with multiple foundries minimizes risk and ensures the best price with liners made to our quality requirements. Hunan JY Casting liners have led to as much as 50% increased life and/or 10% increased production. In nearly 100% of the tests conducted with Cone Crusher bowl liner, they have met or exceeded the current product.

All Hunan JY Casting compatible parts to suit Sandvik CS660 cone crushers are manufactured and warranted by Hunan JY Casting®, for the avoidance of doubt it is not implied that our branded parts originate from the OEM.

CS660 Mantle,442.8982-02

CS660 Mantle

CS660 Mantle,Part Number: JY-442.8982-02

  • JY Casting® replacement part to suit Sandvik CS660 (S6800) cone crusher.
  • Certified compatible with original Sandvik 442.8982-02 specification.
  • Specified by leading global mining and aggregate producers. 
  • ISO9001:2018 quality assured parts from China’s leading manufacturer.
  • OEM Part Number: JY-442.8982-02
  • Brand: Hunan JY Casting®
  • Price: On application
  • Condition: New
  • Pattern Status: Stock
  • Weight (kg): 2180
  • Material: Mn18Cr2

We are the best CS660 cone crusher liners manufacturer in the China.

We guarantee that this part was expertly crafted in consideration of original factory tolerances and material specifications.
please quote this part number to our parts team if you would like more information about this genuine alternative replacement part over the phone. We provide competitive prices on application. Don’t hesitate to contact the team at Hunan JY Casting® to find out how we deliver results without compromise to leading mining and aggregate businesses globally.

Hunan JY Casting manufactures the following cone crusher liners for CS660 (S6800) cone crusher:

CS660(S6800) Cone Crusher Liners
Concave Mn14 Mn18 Mn22
Extra Coarse Cavity (Semi-metallic backing)
Extra Coarse Upper 442.8981-00 442.8981-90 442.8981-91
Extra Coarse Lower 452.5920-901 452.5920-902 452.5920-903
Extra Coarse Cavity (Non-metallic backing)
Extra Coarse Upper 442.8981-00 442.8981-90
Extra Coarse Lower 442.8979-00 442.8979-90
Coarse Cavity (Semi-metallic backing)
Coarse Upper 442.9072-00 442.9072-00
Coarse Lower 452.3822-901 452.3822-902
Coarse Cavity (Non-metallic backing)
Coarse Upper 442.9072-00 442.9072-90
Coarse Lower 442.9071-00 442.9071-90
Coarse Second Lower BG0122422-01 BG01221422-02
Medium Coarse Cavity (Semi-metallic backing)
Upper 452.9040-901 452.9040-902
Lower 452.9041-901 452.9041-902
A 442.8982-01 442.8982-02
B 442.8983-01 442.8983-02

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