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Manganese Steel Casting

As a manganese steel casting foundry, Hunan JY Casting uses standard ASTM A128/A128m and super austenitic manganese steel to cast crusher wear parts, mill liners, shredder wear parts, and other wear parts. Based on data and comments provided by our customers worldwide, our manganese steel casting parts have a longer wear life, lower cost per ton of material crushed, and crusher production maintained throughout liner life.

Chromium Steel Casting

Chromium steel casting is the abbreviation of high chromium white anti-wear cast iron. Toughness and strength, it also has good high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, combined with convenient production and moderate cost, and is known as one of the best anti-abrasive materials in the contemporary era. Hunan JY Casting’s chromium steel casting parts include crusher blow bars, VSI crusher wear parts, and other wear parts.

Alloy Steel Casting

Alloy steel casting is the steel casting process that is alloyed with numerous elements in total amounts between 1.0% and 50% by weight to improve its mechanical properties. Alloy steels are broken down into two groups: low-alloy steels and high-alloy steels. Hunan JY Casting’s low-alloy steels parts include Cr-Mo alloy steel mill liners, Ni-hard liners, alloy steel hammers, and some alloy steel crusher liners.

What We Offer

Hunan JY Casting manufactures crusher wear parts (cone crusher liners, crusher jaw plates, crusher blow bars),

shredder wear parts (shredder hammer, grates, caps, anvils), mill liners (lifting plates, shell liners, end liners),

and apron feeder pans for the most popular brands.

Symons 3ft Cone Crusher Liners

Cone Crusher Liners

 Hunan JY Casting manufactures Mn14, Mn18, Mn22, TIC inserts, and alloy steel cone crusher liners (mantles and concaves) for popular brands.

PE Jaw Plates Send To India

Crusher Jaw Plates

Hunan JY Casting manufactures standard manganese steel, TIC inserts, and alloy steel crusher jaw plates (fixed jaw plates, movable jaw plates, cheek plates) for all popular brands.

Crusher Blow Bars

Hunan JY Casting supplies manganese steel, chrome steel, and ceramic inserts crusher blow bars for all popular brands impact crushers.

Shredder Wear Parts

Shredder Wear Parts

Hunan JY Casting manufactures manganese steel shredder wear parts (hammers, grates, caps, anvils) for kinds of scrap plants.

Mill Liners

Mill Liners

Hunan JY Casting manufactures all kinds of manganese steel and alloy steel mill liners for SAG mills, AG mills, Rod mills, and Ball mills.

Apron Feeder Pans

Hunan JY Casting manufactures manganese steel and alloy steel apron feeder pans for D series apron feeders or based on customer’s drawings.

Custom or OEM Wear Parts

If your inquiry wear parts do not in our product lists, we also supply OEM service and custom service. The material is ASTM A128 standard or ASTM235 standard.

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