Project Details

Project Time: Aug 2021

Project Location: Chile copper mine

Material: Mn18Cr2 +Mn18Cr2 with MoNiV + Mn18Cr2 with TIC rods inserts

Inquiry Products: 30 tons cone crusher mantles and concaves, the detail as the following table.

Item No Commodity and specifications Quantity Material Weight
1 Mantle, JY-7055308388 2 Mn18Cr2 1244
2 Concave, JY-104830032 2 Mn18Cr2 1158
3 Concave, JY-55208525 2 Mn18Cr2 1397
4 Mantle, JY-55308381 2 Mn18Cr2 1260
5 Mantle, JY-7055308388 2 Mn18Cr2 + MoNiV  1244
6 Concave, JY-104830032 2 Mn18Cr2 + MoNiV 1158
7 Concave, JY-55208525 2 Mn18Cr2 + MoNiV  1397
8  Mantle, JY-55308381 2 Mn18Cr2 + MoNiV 1260
9  Mantle, JY-7055308388 2 Mn18Cr2 + TIC  1244
10 Concave, JY-104830032 2 Mn18Cr2+ TIC 1158
11 Concave, JY-55208525 2 Mn18Cr2+ TIC  1397
12  Mantle, JY-55308381 2 Mn18Cr2+ TIC 1260

Mr. Felcar is one of our old customers who has been cooperating with us for more than 5 years, his company is a leading crusher wear parts and mining wear parts provider in Antofagasta, Chile. Most of his customers are crushed copper mines. Copper mines customers told him they purchase those cone crusher liners from the original agency. However, original wear parts also can not match their demands. They need frequent replacement parts.

Because of Covid-19, our engineers can not go to the site to analyze the wear and tear of those liners. So we suggest Mr.Felcar test different materials cone crusher liners working life in crushing copper mine.

  • Normal Mn18Cr2 (we print in grey color)
  • Mn18Cr2 + MoNiV ( we print in red color)
  • Mn18Cr2 + TIC ( we print in black color)

Finish Products

Cone Crusher Liners For Copper Mine
Cone Crusher Liners For Chile
Cone Crusher Mantles For Chile
Cone Crusher Bowl Liners For Chile

Chile Customer’s Feedback

6 months after shipment, we get some feedback from Mr. Felcar:

  1. A set of original cone crusher liners can work around 360 hours;
  2. A set of our Mn18Cr2 cone crusher liners had worked 348 hours,  around 97% of the original wear parts’ life;
  3. A set of our Mn18Cr2+MoNiV cone crusher liners work 432 hours, around 120% of the original liners’ life;
  4. A set of our Mn18Cr+TIC cone crusher liners work 509 hours, around 140% of the original liners’ life;

Taking into account the product’s lifespan and price, Mr. Felcar decided to purchase Mn18Cr2+MoNiV and normal Mn18Cr2 cone crusher liners in bulk.

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