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J series jaw crushers are widely used in the mining, quarrying, and cement industry. “J” is short for “Jaw”. There are many manufacturers have J series jaw crusher,  such as Terex Finlay has a J series of jaw crushers, which include J960, J1160, J1170, J1175, and J1480 jaw crushers; McCloskey also has a J series of jaw crushers, which include J35, J40v2, J45, and J50v2 jaw crushers.

When it comes to J series crusher jaw plates, Hunan JY Casting has focused on casting those wear parts for many years. In some cases, our J series crusher replacement parts can 100% match the original parts’ lifetime and installation. In more cases, our redesign J series crusher jaw liners can get 1.5-2 times lifetime than original liners.

Hunan JY Casting is Your Super-foundry for J series jaw crusher parts! All Hunan JY Casting Replacement Parts are backed by ISO9001:2018 quality control system and are shipped only after meeting our rigorous quality standards. We are committed to meeting your replacement parts’ needs in a professional and efficient manner. Our Customer Support Department is ready to help you with a quote, to check inventory, or to simply answer a technical question. We want to show you how Hunan JY Casting can outperform J series jaw crusher dealers – talk to your Hunan JY Casting professional today about your specific needs!

How to choose the right jaw plates for your J series jaw crusher?

  1. Make sure which brands of your jaw crusher.
  2. Find your inquiry jaw crusher plates part number in your operation manual.
  3. If you have the drawings, it is the best.
  4. Make sure which material of your inquiry jaw plates. If you do not have the ideal, you can check with Hunan JY Casting’s engineers. Our engineers will give you a good suggestion based on your crushed material and working conditions.

Which J series crusher jaw liners are supplied by Hunan JY Casting?

There are some Hunan JY Casting J series replacement parts codes:

Mn18 Fixed jaw plate 600/8048E N.A 600/8039E 600/8011E N.A
Swing jaw plate 600/8049E N.A 600/8040E 600/8012E N.A
Mn22 Fixed jaw plate 600/8048TT N.A N.A N.A N.A
Swing jaw plate 600/8049TT N.A N.A N.A N.A
Wedges Fixed jaw plate 600/8056 N.A 600/8058E 600/8021M N.A
Swing jaw plate 600/8057 N.A 600/8059E 600/8022M N.A
J1160 up to TRX1160JAOMHB5652
Mn18 Fixed jaw plate 31.09.0100 31.09.0102 31.09.0103 N.A N.A
Swing jaw plate 31.09.0101 31.09.0104 31.09.0105 N.A N.A
Mn22 Fixed jaw plate N.A 31.09.0107 N.A N.A N.A
Swing jaw plate N.A 31.09.0109 N.A N.A N.A
J1160 RE-VAMP from TRX1161JEOMH95090
Mn18 Fixed jaw plate CW017-002-MN180 CW017-004-MN180 CW017-006-MN180 N.A N.A
Swing jaw plate CW017-001-MN180 CW017-003-MN180 CW017-005-MN180 N.A N.A
Mn22 Fixed jaw plate CW017-002-MN220 CW017-004-MN220 N.A N.A N.A
Swing jaw plate CW017-001-MN220 CW017-003-MN220 N.A N.A N.A
Mn18 Fixed jaw plate CR005-068-001E CR005-143-001E CR005-072-001E CR005-008-001E CW005-167-MN180
Swing jaw plate CR005-067-001E CR005-141-001E CR005-071-001E CR005-007-001E N.A
Mn22 Fixed jaw plate CR005-068-001TT N.A CR005-072-001TT CR005-008-001TT CW005-167-MN220
Swing jaw plate CR005-067-001TT N.A CR005-071-001TT CR005-007-001TT N.A
Mn14 Fixed jaw plate CR005-068-001M N.A CR005-072-001M CR005-008-001M N.A
Swing jaw plate CR005-067-001M N.A CR005-071-001M CR005-007-001M N.A
Wedges Fixed jaw plate CR005-070-001 CR005-144-001 – RH CR005-074-001 CR005-010-001 N.A
CR005-145-001- LH
Swing jaw plate CR005-069-001 CR005-142-001 CR005-073-001 CR005-009-001 N.A
Mn18 Fixed jaw plate 31.10.1174 31.10.0205 31.10.1171 N.A CW024-001-MN180
Old Part Swing jaw plate 31.10.1173 31.10.0210 31.10.1170 N.A N.A
Mn18 Fixed jaw plate CW024-003-MN180 CW024-006-MN180 CW024-005-MN180 N.A CW024-001-MN180
New Part Swing jaw plate CW024-002-MN180 CW024-007-MN180 CW024-004-MN180 N.A N.A
Mn22 Fixed jaw plate 31.10.1181 31.10.0207 N.A N.A CW024-001-MN220
Old Part Swing jaw plate 31.10.1179 31.10.0212 N.A N.A N.A
Mn22 Fixed jaw plate CW024-003-MN220 CW024-006-MN220 N.A N.A CW024-001-MN220
New Part Swing jaw plate CW024-002-MN220 CW024-007-MN220 N.A N.A N.A
Mn18 Fixed jaw plate 31.07.0136 31.07.0006 N.A N.A CW020-001-MN180
Swing jaw plate CR020-017-001-E CR020-044-001-E N.A N.A N.A
Mn22 Fixed jaw plate 31.07.2136 31.07.0007 N.A N.A CW020-001-MN220
Swing jaw plate CR020-017-001TT CR020-044-001TT N.A N.A N.A

If your inquiry part numbers are not in this excel, please contact us freely!

Notice: Terex is a mark of Terex Corp, McCloskey is a mark of McCloskey Machinery. Hunan JY Casting is not an authorized repair facility of nor does it have an affiliation with them. These terms are used for identification purposes only and are not intended to indicate affiliation with or approval by them of JY. All parts are manufactured by, and warranted by Hunan JY Casting and are not manufactured by, purchased from, or warranted by the original equipment manufacturer.

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