Project Details

Project Time: May 2021

Project Location: Mongolia

Inquiry Products: 54 tons Microalloy crusher liners, which include crusher jaw plates and cone crusher liners.

Material: Mn18Cr2 + mirco-alloy

Item No Commodity and specifications Quantity Material Weight
1 Cone crusher liner, JY-442.7225 10 Microalloy + Mn18Cr2 715
2 Cone crusher liner, JY-442.8421 10 Microalloy + Mn18Cr2 876
3 Crusher jaw plate, JY-400.0411 10 Microalloy + Mn18Cr2 1596
4 Cone crusher liner, JY-442.8421 10 Microalloy + Mn18Cr2 876
5 Cone crusher liner, JY-50132201 10 Microalloy + Mn18Cr2 284
6 Cone crusher liner, JY-48296530 10 Microalloy + Mn18Cr2 475
7 Cone crusher liner, JY-48297591 10 Microalloy + Mn18Cr2 308
8 Cone crusher liner, JY-50133401 10 Microalloy + Mn18Cr2 292
9 In total 80 54,230 kg

SOYO is the authorized distributor for the world’s leading manufacturers of mineral processing equipment such as Eriez Magnetics, and Multotec with an exclusive right to sell products and services in the region of Mongolia. They hold ready-stock parts and spare parts in our warehouse in the likelihood of our clientele requesting immediate inquiries, mobilizing promptly complete bank leasing, or flexible payment terms.

Recently, their iron ore customers often complain that the service life of original crusher liners is not up to expectations, and the downtime to replace parts is too long, which seriously affects the company’s profits, so they hope to provide parts with higher service life to solve the problem.

We meet SOYO at the 2020 Bauma Fair. By analyzing the usage and wear of crusher liners, our engineers put forward micro-alloy + high-manganese steel crusher liners to improve product life and reduce downtime for crushed iron ore.

Subsequently, SOYO tested a set of microalloy crusher liners in crushing iron ore. The results show the microalloy crusher liners’ service life had reached 130% of the original crusher liners.

Therefore, SOYO ordered 54 tons of 8 types of microalloy crusher liners and hopes us supply a report that shows the difference between microalloy crusher liners and normal manganese crusher liners (check the report).

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Microalloy crusher liners
Microalloy crusher liners For Mongol

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