Crusher Blow Bars Patterns

Crusher blow bars patterns are wood patterns. Hunan JY Casting had stocked hundreds of wood patterns for blow bars, which can shorten your delivery time and save your pattern cost.

The following table show which pattern types we stock:

Crusher Blow Bars Patterns

Crusher Blow Bars Pattern In Hunan JY Casting

Part DescriptionSuit Crusher TypeLength(mm)Pattern TypeWeight kg
Crusher Blow BarsLT-NP 1007722Wood Pattern140
Crusher Blow BarsLT-NP 1110990Wood Pattern220
Crusher Blow BarsLT-NP 12131285Wood Pattern325
Crusher Blow BarsLT-NP 1315/14151505Wood Pattern445
Crusher Blow BarsLT-NP 1520/16202000Wood Pattern745
Crusher Blow BarsQI341 (QI240)946Wood Pattern230
Crusher Blow BarsQI441(QI440)1320Wood Pattern343
Crusher Blow BarsQI340 (I-C13)1250Wood Pattern256
Crusher Blow BarsMR110 EVO (C shape)1080Wood Pattern274
Crusher Blow BarsMR130 EVO (C shape)1275Wood Pattern366
Crusher Blow BarsMR122Z (X shape)1250Wood Pattern319
Crusher Blow Bars130/1311250Wood Pattern319
Crusher Blow BarsXH250 (CR004-012-001)830Wood Pattern140
Crusher Blow BarsXH320-new1100Wood Pattern216
Crusher Blow BarsXH320-old1100Wood Pattern217
Crusher Blow BarsXH500(1412)1340Wood Pattern427
Crusher Blow Bars428 Tracpactor 42421050Wood Pattern212
Crusher Blow BarsCobra 230/260/Trackpactor 260830Wood Pattern140
Crusher Blow BarsCobra 290995Wood Pattern195
Crusher Blow BarsTrackpactor 3201100Wood Pattern219
Crusher Blow BarsTrackpactor 5501330Wood Pattern392
Crusher Blow Bars4040990Wood Pattern214
Crusher Blow Bars10221338Wood Pattern420
Crusher Blow Bars13131330Wood Pattern414
Crusher Blow Bars13202000Wood Pattern602
Crusher Blow Bars15151495Wood Pattern463
Crusher Blow Bars789(80 thickness)500Wood Pattern83
Crusher Blow Bars790670Wood Pattern112
Crusher Blow Bars791670Wood Pattern146
Crusher Blow Bars793500Wood Pattern112
Crusher Blow Bars13151500Wood Pattern520
Crusher Blow BarsPH1315Q1490Wood Pattern523
Crusher Blow BarsI-100830Wood Pattern140

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