Aftermarket C80 Crusher Jaw Plates By Hunan JY Casting

CJ409 jaw crusher is suitable for a wide range of tough applications due to its heavy-duty design coupled with its reliability and stability.

When it comes to CJ409 crusher jaw plates, Hunan JY Casting focuses on manufacturing those wear parts for mining, quarrying, and cement industry customers. Although we are not the OEM foundry, our aftermarket CJ409 crusher jaw plates can 100% match the original sizes based on the customer’s drawings or sample parts. On the other hand, our engineers develop some new materials jaw plates to suit different working conditions.

Hunan JY Casting supplies the following material for CJ409 jaw plates:

  • Manganese steel, which includes Mn14, Mn18, and Mn22
  • TIC inserts+manganese steel
  • Modified manganese steel

Hunan JY Casting has the following patterns for CJ409 jaw plates:

Mn14 Fixed jaw plate JY-400.0418-001 JY-400.0483-001 JY-400.2870-001
Swing jaw plate JY-400.0417-001 JY-400.0483-001 JY-400.2869-001
Mn18 Fixed jaw plate JY-400.0418-002 JY-400.0483-002 JY-400.2870-002
Swing jaw plate JY-400.0417-002 JY-400.0483-002 JY-400.2869-001
Upper plate JY-10-314-386-000
 Lower plate JY-10-314-404-000

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